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During this time we want to conserve in everyway possible to keep our food safe and lasting.  Here I am giving you three suggestions for how to get longevity from eggs, milk and bread.


Eggs  … did you know you can freeze them?  Here is how:

Eggs can be frozen for up to one year using either freezer bags other freezer containers.

NEVER freeze eggs in the shell.  It is not recommended to freeze hard or soft boiled eggs due to the change in texture as well as safety concerns.

Mix whole eggs and place in freezer bags.  You can freeze one or more together.  I suggest using serving size.  You can also freeze the yolks or the whites separately.

Thaw overnight in the refrigerator or under running water and use immediately after thawing.

When baking  a cake, cookies, casseroles calling for only egg whites, save the yolk, freeze it instead of letting it go to waste.

Note:  cooked dishes containing eggs should be used within 2-3months after frozen.

Milk  …  did you know you can freeze Milk?

When freezing milk I personally measure in in one or two cup portions in glass jars.  Make sure to leave room for expansion in the top of the container or it will burst.  It can remain frozen for up to six months.  It is best if used within one month.  It will possibly be a bit of a different texture and taste but is good for cooking and adding in your cereal. 

Never thaw at room temperature.  Always thaw in the refrigerator.  Why?  Thawing at room temperature sets up a risk of bacterial growth.  This you need to avoid.

Bread  … how is the best way to freeze bread…do you know?

Being a single person I never eat a loaf of bread or hot dog buns or hamburger buns before they become hard or molded.  So I Put mine in freezer bags according to a serving I would use.  So two hot dog buns or Hamburger buns in a plastic freezer bag.  Sometimes I will freeze a ¼ loaf of bread the same way.  Set it out to thaw on the counter and just as it is about thawed I then prepare it for toast in the oven or homemade garlic bread or lightly toasted in the toaster for sandwiches.

Bread will keep three to six months.

If you bake your bread let it cool completely at least three or four hours before freezing.

King Arthur flour suggests double bagging crusted hard breads to protect against the sharp edges causing tears in the freezer bags because exposing the bread then to freezer burn ruining the bread.

Removing your bread from the freezer set it out leaving in the freezer container.  Let it thaw at room temperature  then place in the oven for about ten min at 350 degrees.  Or you can unwrap the bread and place in oven at 400 degrees for approx. 20 min

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