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Do you need an improved Immune System - Brain Health..or other Health Issues to address?

Here are just a few samples of information on  why I recommend Shaklee for Nutritional Supplements and healthy safe ways to clean with.  Weight loss in a healthy way and much more.   Contact me for a Naturopathic Consultation or to learn more or go to my Shaklee website.

Contact: Dr. Colene Allen

719-445-6464 call or text

Shaklee Landmark Study

Dr Stephen Chaney

Why Supplement

The science behind


The Science Behind Shaklee 180

Build Muscle While You Lose Fat

      Dr. Jamie McManus                 Introduces NutriFeron                     ** Patented 

Interferon and Shaklee Nutriferon

Shaklee on Dr Phil HD  


Prenatal Care

 Dr Jamie McManus


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